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V2 Cigs Cartridges Review

V2 cartridges add to your overall excitement in using V2 electronic cigarettes. Each of these flavored cartridges offer quite the same amount of puffs as in one pack of tobacco cigarettes, which means you get to purchase the same amount of regular cigarettes for a reasonable price. Unlike several brands of electronic cigarettes, these V2 e-cigs come with a distinct flavor and a disposable atomizer, so there is no need to use the atomizer again. This also allows you to have a more sanitary and pleasurable vaping experience that does not need special cleaning. All you need to do is to screw it on and start vaping. What’s more, V2 cigs flavored cartridges go perfectly well with electronic cigarettes that are threaded with KR808-D1 models.

General Information about V2 Cigs Cartridges

The flavored cartridge comes with the brand’s unique nicotine or non-nicotine solution, food flavorings, water, and FDA-approved food additive and solvent called propylene glycol. These cartridges also have a built-in atomizer, which means there is no need for maintenance or cleaning. Every cartridge is made up of just the right amount of vapor liquid that can produce as much as 250 puffs, although it still depends on the depth of puff. You will also realize that the cartridge offers the same number of puffs you normally produce when you use a pack of regular cigarettes.

In order to use the V2 cigs electronic cigarette, you only need to screw the flavor cartridge on the end part of the battery, and puff on it the way you do with a tobacco cigarette. For a V2 automatic battery, you should draw air through the device. Then, this will instantly activate the heating element and produce the vapor that you inhale. The nicotine level of the vapor is equivalent to the nicotine strength that you have chosen, as well as the flavoring compounds that you have selected. As for e-cigs that come with manual batteries, you just need to press down the rubber button located on its body to activate the atomization.

The best way to determine if the cartridge has already been used up is when the vapor has become weak and comes with that undesirable burnt taste. Basically, cartridges are disposable, and you can always discard them once they are used up. All you need to do is to screw off the used cartridge and attach a fresh one. You should also make it a point to store the flavored cartridges in a dry and cool place, so you could maintain their freshness of up to 6 months after purchasing them.

Great Flavors to Choose From

If you want to try the different V2 cigs flavors, then you may opt for the flavor sampler that comes with 10 different flavored cartridges such as Sahara, V2 Menthol, Green Tea Menthol, Cherry, V2 Cola, Vanilla, Coffee, Congress, Sahara, V2 Red, and Peppermint.

In addition, flavor samplers have different nicotine strengths beginning at zero percent, and there are also 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4 percent. However, specialty flavored cartridges are not sold in 2.4 percent nicotine. If you prefer the 2.4 percent nicotine, the flavors to choose from include Green Tea menthol, peppermint, menthol, congress, V2 red and Sahara. On the other hand, flavors with 1.8 percent nicotine include V2 cola, vanilla, cherry and coffee.

Check out our review for similar e-liquid brands like Black Note and Vantage Vapor.

Square Smoke Review

Square Smoke is not just an e-cig. It is a special e-cigarette as it is available not only as rechargeable kits but are also available as disposables. Launched in 2009, the company provides the best disposable e-cigs available anywhere. The prices for it disposable and rechargeable units are very reasonable.

Square Smoke review electronic cigarettes are revolutionary devices that can change the concept and way people smoke. These cigarettes consist of only two parts viz. the battery and mouthpiece of cartomizer that emits vapor and not smoke as a by-product of its e-liquid’.

Square Smoke Review

These vapors are safe to inhale as they are devoid of the thousands of chemicals, carcinogens, toxins and cancer-causing agents found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are not FDA approved as a smoking cessation product, thousands of people across the world have stopped smoking with the help of these e-cigs. Smokers have used e-cigs to curb or eliminate tobacco by using them as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although Square Smoke may not be one of the best vape pens out there, it definitely does offer a decent vape for new e-cig users.

Packaging and design

The Square Smoke Reload rechargeable starter kits are great for smokers trying to kick the smoking habit. Square Smoke also offers hookah-like E-hoses’ for smokers looking for something unique to vape.

A specialty about Square Smoke is that these e-cigs are manual in operation wherein you have to press a tiny button to activate the cigarette and let it produce vapor. Once done inhaling, you just have to release the button and place it in your pocket or carrying case. This feature may however not suit those smokers looking for an authentic smoking-like experience.

Variety of flavors and starter kits

The 18mg disposable units are available in various flavors like Minty Menthol, Punch (tropical fruit), Original Red, Pink (strawberry) and Black (clove and cinnamon) while the remainder comes with lower nicotine levels.

While Gold is 12 mg, Silver has 8 mg and White is a nicotine-free disposable unit. The difference between these disposable and rechargeable units is that you can pick up even 18 mg Cherry and Vanilla cartridges. Cartomizers are cartridges with a disposable atomizer while the atomizer is reusable and is usually attached to a refillable cartridge.


The Square Smoke disposables cost $9.99 each and can give you about 500 puffs before being replaced. Reload kits cost about $19.99 with shipping and handling and come with a USB charger, rechargeable battery and two cartridges.

Vapor performance

The Square Smoke e-cig emits vapor that evaporates into the air within a few seconds. This vapor is odorless and does not leave you, your clothes or your home smelling like an ashtray. At the most, it may leave a light essence from the nicotine cartridge flavor. The Square Smoke e-cig lasts as long as 2 packs or 40 traditional cigarettes.


Square Smoke is available online and at participating restaurants, malls, movie theatres, bars, air ports, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc.

These Square Smoke disposable e-cigs are charged and ready to smoke from the package. So the Square Smoke e-cig which reaches you is fully charged and ready to use.

Smokers trying to kick the smoking habit love smoking Square Smoke as it give them the same emotional, physical and psychological feelings they experience while smoking traditional cigarettes without the health problems associated while burning tobacco in traditional cigarettes. People like using Square Smoke instead of traditional cigarettes not only because it is a healthy smoking alternative, but also because it does not release any smoke or second-hand smoke, can be smoked everywhere and anywhere, does not affect your health much, leaves no teeth stains, bad breath or odor and is non-flammable.

Bottom line

It is true that Square Smoke offers a great selection of e-cigs and its kits; however the specific nicotine levels for various brands may not prove helpful to many e-cig users. Moreover, the fact that the brand concentrates on disposables, vapers who want to save money may not like this e-cig.

While you may Square Smoke e-cigs wherever you want as it does not emit any smoke or burn tobacco, some people who are not familiar with these disposable e-cigarettes may ask you to stop smoking. This is when you have to explain to them that you are not smoking a traditional tobacco burning cigarette, but a healthier cigarette, the Square Smoke e-cigarette.

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black-note-e-liquidBlack Note e-liquid is a company that sells the best tobacco that you can buy whenever you need a good deal when looking for the available options in the market. This Black Note e-liquid review will help you understand the available flavors that you can use whenever you are using them. Here is a Black Note review:

The company had tobacco with concocted synthetic flavors that mimic sweet, licorice, fruity, candy flavors among others. They have made sure that they use Tobacco Liquid Lineup only to make sure that you get the best appeal to these adult cigarette smokers. When you buy from them, you will certified at the quality that you would buy whenever you need an amazing one.

Their Tobacco flavors are extracted from naturally real tobacco leaves and not artificially concocted mostly done in a lab. You will buy a good quality that you would need during your choice even as you do make your purchase especially when looking for the available option within the whole of the market.

The tobacco flavor often goes through an eight week proprietary of cold maceration process, which does not introduce excess heat to the whole process of extraction to enhance its quality. You will definitely appreciate what you would need when buying the flavor from the market. The liquids don’t contain chemical additives, sweeteners or artificial flavors thus making them among the best options that you would need when buying one from them. You will be certain that you would have a perfect blend whenever you are seeking these options from a given market.

The liquids from Black Note e-liquid don’t contain any of the alcohol contents such as Diacetyl, Diethylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Acetoin or Acrolein when using them. These chemicals can sometimes be dangerous to your health thus the main reason why we always make sure that they sell the best from the given market. You will be satisfied with the quality that you would need especially when getting the best deals.

In terms of cost, all brands of are affordable thus will give you an opportunity to save money whenever you are looking for ways to save money during your purchase. You will definitely get a good brand of Black Note e-liquid when you do buy them from a given dealer.

In conclusion, the above is a review of Black Note e-liquid that you should know whenever you want to buy it from the market.

Is there a future windfall waiting for e-cigarette sellers?

Big Enterprises always keep an eye on potential goldmines. It is an open secret that most enterprises catering to beverages felt piqued not having capitalized on energy drinks from early on. They are not leaving any stones unturned to capture the market of electronic cigarettes. E-cigs come with a different mechanism; even if similar design and slowly cutting off its share from regular cigarettes. At present, people are keeping e-cigs on trial phase and are not keen to switch to them for permanence. Yet that may change.

What is the future scope?   

Morning shows the day. There is definite consumer acceptance for this product even if the translation into actual sale is a bit patchy at the moment. The fact that electronic cigarettes pose extremely less danger than traditional cigarettes gives the former a nod.


It is also innocuous for passive smokers, as what emits out is largely water vapor. The cost factor is also an emergent point, as carton of e-cigarettes comes cheaper than regular versions. In time, as e-cigs go through monumental changes in design and effect, chain smokers will find it easy and smooth to make the switch. This will lead to a great increase in its sale and we are looking at a booming business.

The big hurdle

Of course, electronic cigarettes have to cross the big hurdle called FDA. FDA is lending its gravity and composure to ensure that e-cigarettes get thoroughly regulated, if not banned. This will definitely cause some disturbance to the magnitude of e-cigs market.

The nicotine content will get onerous to maintain as cheaper versions enter the bandwagon. This will make the contention of electronic cigarettes sloppier. The fact that it has evolved from China, and Chinese electronics have gained a notorious popularity worldwide has thrown its shady lights on e-cigs. However, efforts are on to make it a true-blue American creation. The mechanism will be rephrased and e-liquid will gain an acceptable outlook.

What needs to be done?

Big Tobacco companies have to take on the mantle and calibrate the market. The sale and spread of electronic cigarettes like Blu Cigs, MarkTen, and Square Smoke has to be controlled to such a degree that cheap versions get easily segregated. The prices of e-cigs have to be constant and so should be its nicotine content, flavor quantity and Propylene Glycol presence. Admittedly, the prototype from China has an admirable entity and it only needs a few cursory changes. Sale should preferably be online from reputed portals to weed out any discrepancy.

There should be widespread awareness about how electronic cigarettes are a better substitute for traditional cigarettes. If all goes well and FDA takes a lenient approach in future, e-cigs industry will certainly grow exponentially in future. Yup, there is a windfall waiting!

Vantage Vapor Electronic Cigarette Review

In this Vantage Vapor electronic cigarette review, we’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of this e-cig brand.


The Vantage Vapor e-cigarette starter kit has a classically designed box with an unusual arched top. It has dual magnetic closing clasps to keep the box closed unless you want it open. The kit has a minimalist design, though it snugly holds your batteries, charger and cartridges.

Vantagevapor e-cig

Vantage Vapor e-cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes. The end even glows red while you vape so that it looks like you are smoking a cigarette. The Vantage Vapor hardware is interchangeable with V2 Cigs parts. This is further explained in this review of V2 Cigs.

One of the benefits of the Vantage Vapor design is the fact that the battery only comes on when you inhale. There is no need to push a button to turn it on when you want to take a hit.


Vantage Vapor’s flavor selection is pitiful. They have bold tobacco, a generic American blend, menthol and a juicy mint. The interchangeability with V2 here is its savior; you can use any of the ten flavors by V2 in your Vantage Vapor e-cigarette. One of the modest benefits of Vantage Vapor is the price of flavors. You can get a 25 flavor cartridge pack for $35. A flavor cartridge pack with 50 flavors is $65 to $70. Fortunately, their flavors do

One of the benefits of Vantage Vapor cartridges is the variety of nicotine levels. Many firms simply have three nicotine levels. Vantage Vapor cartridges come in four nicotine levels: zero nicotine, light 6 milligram, medium 12 milligram and full 18 milligram nicotine levels. This makes Vantage Vapor e-cigs a better product if you are looking for a way to transition to a nicotine free lifestyle. It is easier to step down from 18 to 12 to 6 than cut your nicotine level in half with some other brands of flavor cartridges. However, the brand lacks a 24 milligram nicotine level, which may turn off heavy smokers unless you immediately want to drop down to 18 mg.

Vapor Performance

Vantage Vapor e-cigs have a very low vapor production. This is surprising because V2 has a very good throat hit. You can improve the performance of Vantage Vapor e-cigarettes by combining Vantage Vapor cartridges with the V2Cigs battery.

Battery Life

Vantage Vapor batteries have a shorter life than the competitors, dying after about 200 puffs. This is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. In contrast, many other e-cigarettes last about 300 puffs.

However, the batteries recharge quickly, averaging in two to three hours. The unit has an LED that is red when it is charging that turns blue when fully charged.
You may need to use the USB recharger to recharge the unit during the day if you are a heavy smoker. The e-cigarette recharger has a short wire, which can make it hard to find a place to put the device while it is charging.

Starter Kits

Vantage Vapor has a single starter kit for about $50. Tax and shipping may add to your cost. The starter kit comes with two batteries, a dozen flavor cartridges, a single wall adapter and a USB charger. This kit is roughly the same as the V2 Cigs starter kit but V2 Cigs’ starter kit has more flavors.


Vantage Vapor offers a thirty day money back guarantee. It has a limited lifetime warranty. If you try to refill the Vantage Vapor cartridges with e-liquid by someone else, you void the warranty.


Vantage Vapor is manufactured by V2 Cigs. You can consider Vantage Vapor the generic e-cig brand while V2 Cigs is the higher end brand.

General Pros of This Product

Vantage Vapor e-cigarette cartridges are some of the cheapest e-cigs on the market. The cartridges are about $10 for a five pack. Vapor Vantage e-cigarettes were one of the first e-cigs to hit the market, and its design is mostly unchanged because it is reliable.

Vantage Vapor has excellent customer service. They are available via phone, live chat and email 24×7. Their help desk responds to emails in less than twenty four hours, even on weekends.

General Cons of This Product

This product is not suitable for heavy smokers unless you are trying to quit. Heavy smokers won’t get enough nicotine from Vantage Vapor flavors, and they’ll need to carry a spare battery or recharge the unit through the day to be able to use it.

Vantage Vapor Review Summary

Vantage Vapor e-cigarettes are one of the cheapest e-cigarette options on the market. Its lack of flavors and nicotine levels is offset by its interchangeability with V2 Cigs products. It can help heavy smokers quit smoking and is a cheap way for moderate smokers to sustain their habit, but it falls short of the needs of heavy smokers.

Are e-cigarettes really meant to attract kids?

When regular cigarettes came up, they smoked a storm as they were portable, had an enticing cylindrical shape, nice-looking filter and a smooth exhalation process. Children would love the outlook and try emitting fumes by taking puffs. Soon, they would get addicted. E-cigs have the same-looking design, luring electronic mechanism, ignition button or sensors, LED light that flashes on puffing and soothing flavors like mint or cherry. Thus, there is a clear case of kids getting attracted to them. However, even a mobile phone looks attractive; it doesn’t mean that they are made to attract kids. The logic resides that kid’s attraction is just a side-point.

What’s the kid quotient?

At the moment, e-cigarettes are mostly sold online and require debit or credit card. Now, this puts e-cigarettes out of kid’s orbit. However, some retail shops do sell e-cigs, including some cheap versions, which have higher nicotine content. Nicotine is the main reason why people get addicted to cigarettes. Standard e-cigarettes contain only 10% nicotine than is present in traditional cigarettes. The resultant throat hit is not as potent as in original paper versions, and thus kids have lesser chance to get addicted. When bought singly, e-cigs are costlier and that will also keep away kids. Yes, the flavor quotient makes the position a bit edgy. Moreover, the presence of Propylene Glycol to carry flavor and vapor rings an alarm bell.

The adversary point

There is moot debate on whether e-cigarettes should be allowed in offices. Reason is simple: non-smokers may slowly gain the habit and addiction. Of course, that applies to kids too. Yet, since e-cigs don’t belong to Tobacco Control Act, one cannot segregate kids from the idea of vaping at least legally. It will be preferable if Governments regulate e-cigs sale to keep it away from kid’s reach. E-cigs manufacturers should calibrate nicotine content and look for alternatives for Propylene Glycol to make e-cigs error free. At present, Vegetable Glycerine has emerged as an alternative but it also causes some irritation in the respiratory system.

What needs to be done?

Prominent e-cigarette companies like NJOY and Square Smoke maintain that continuation of flavors is only to make it palatable and pleasant for ‘vapers’. It is a known fact that traditional cigarettes parch lips and disrupt the sense of smell and taste. The contention that flavors are induced to lure kids into the habit is absurd, if not ridiculous. Yes, e-cigarettes is not smoke cessation unit like nicotine patch, but it is a fairly harmless disposition, at least when compared to traditional cigarettes. If e-cigarettes fully replace regular versions, death rate through smoking will drop incredibly. It has no harmful effect on passive smokers whatsoever, as the fumes contain largely water vapor. The boxes should still contain the label – ‘Not for Minors’.

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